The underwater life of Sharm el-Sheikh needs no introduction, it is no coincidence that Jacques Yves Cousteau and his team “checked in” here more than once or twice, not forgetting to shoot fantastic colors of the video. All sorts of coral sponges, reefs, algae, anemones and other tailless creatures are just a colorful decoration for the crazy number of scaly living in the waters of Sharm. You just don’t want to emerge from this “paradise of the cold-blooded”, especially realizing that the surface of the Red Sea in this desert place is far from being as good as life under water. Boring-looking low-rise hotel complexes with dusty and slightly withered palm trees - this is the landscape that awaits a tourist touched by the flirting of fish. And here comes the very bummer for many, for which Sharm el-Sheikh begins to be indiscriminately scolded upon their return. Yes, the "superficial" life of this resort is not half as good as in Nice, but they go to Sharm not for this.

This resort on the Red Sea has been considered for several decades an ideal place for a relaxing holiday, where you can forget yourself, soak up the sun, bathe children - and all this against the backdrop of unreal sea beauties. Professionally cheerful animators, tasty meals and all kinds of hammams and tennis courts are as\lso available in Sharm.