The former fishing village of Marsa Alam already proudly bears the title of an upscale international resort - the construction of four- and five-star hotels is in full swing here, the coastline stretches as much as 70 kilometers. Some of the hotels are already ready to receive their tourists-divers. Yes, it is divers who make up the main contingent of local vacationers: they are attracted by the indescribable beauty of untouched coral wealth, hiding under the thickness of transparent turquoise waters. All life in the resort is in full swing behind the hotel fence, there is no infrastructure in the village itself yet. Therefore, lovers of clubs and noisy parties are clearly not here. But Marsa Alam is the place for those who appreciate sparsely populated beaches, the opportunity to admire the still fearless inhabitants of the sea waters and live in brand new rooms of freshly built hotels. But only the fastest have a chance to appreciate all these charms - every year the popularity of the resort will only increase, that's for sure.